We understand the very human need to belong and feel secure. As racialized peoples, finding somewhere to belong can feel like a Sisyphean task. The world surrounding us can inflict daily harshness and pain in the form of microaggressions, minimization, and invisibility. 

Reconekt was born out of a desire to cherish the Black body. We recognize the Black experience’s uniqueness and diversity, and we place the utmost importance on creating a space where self-awareness and tenderness can be freely cultivated. Our deepest wish is to see melanated humans thrive and to provide them with clean and healthy products and tools that encourage and facilitate flourishment. Our goal is to uplift  us by remembering and connecting us with ancient African wisdom and wellness practices that will leave you feeling secure, worthy, and a deep sense of belonging. 

Our mission is to be a genderless, plant-based, sustainable, and cruelty free brand that produces the highest quality cosmetic products free of harmful ingredients  that center melanin-rich skin and hair. We believe that centering must include tenderness and gentleness. In fact, we believe all that we do and encourage you to do can only be achieved through that very tenderness toward ourselves, toward others, and toward the world around us. 

We welcome you to join us on this journey of well-being and healing. We welcome you to Reconekt. 


The value system at Reconekt cannot be separated from our lived daily realities as members of the African diaspora. Our beliefs are informed by the traditions and wisdom passed down to us by our Ancestors. We begin and end by acknowledging our self-worth and connection to community, and in doing so we include:

  • Respect for the planet and all life
  • Respect for our diversity of cultures and humanity
  • Sustainability in production and formulation
  • An ethical approach to all interactions
  • Transparency in our actions and products
  • A commitment to eco-friendless, cleanliness, and wellness


Born in Berlin and inspired by the afro German's life and difficulties in accessing clean and healthy products, RECONEKT is now growing from Lisbon, in Portugal. It will be operating between Portugal and Germany.