soft space

The dream is to see injustice and oppression towards BIPOC bodies end one day. But until we get there how can BIPOC bodies live fully and thrive in a racist system? When do our bodies experience ease, rest, deep relaxation, and long-lasting well-being? 

Race-based traumatic stress (RBTS) which is not considered as a mental health disorder, refers to the mental and emotional injury that can occur as the result of living within a racist system or experiencing events of racism. And as what we live and go through affects our bodies in such a profound way, we need to nurture it and provide it with the softness it deserves but does not get in the world we are living today.

As a consequence, at RECONEKT, we are convinced that as BIPOC, “wellness” does not have the same meaning as it has for white bodies.

Soft space is designed with non-triggering, but instead gentle tools that will help us understand: 

  • Our nervous system and how it functions under anxiety. 
  • The anatomy of breath, and how to use breathing exercises to calm the brain waves, regulate and befriend the nervous system.
  • Nurture and restore the body with skin care, somatic movements, and self-massage.
  • The power of plants and essential oils for our well-being.

The first Soft Space will be held on 7 and 8th May 2022 in Berlin in partnership with Helen Workneh (Jivamukti Yoga teacher with Ethiopian roots), produced by My premium travel. BUY YOUR TICKET HERE